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We Scan, Analyze and 
Automatically Eliminate
Cyber Attack Scenarios in the Cloud

Cynarios Simplifies Cloud security,  by putting the spotlight on what really matters and eliminating potential Cyber attacks in the cloud, at a single click of a button!
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Cynarios Simplifies Cloud Security

Cynarios is an autonomous SAAS platform that scans the infrastructure of your cloud environment,  analyzes it to identify  attack paths and toxic patterns, demonstrates the impact of most probable cyber-attacks, and eventually offers automated remediation.

Cynarios technology involves Deep Learning algorithms, which predict, the most probable cyber-attack, it might be exposed to in the cloud, based on its infrastructure configuration. Considering the corporate’s technical assets and business needs, Cynarios provides assessments and an automated fixing of the issues that can be exploited to compromise the cloud environment of the organization.

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Why Cynarios ?

  • Easy 5-minute agentless deployment
    and implementation

  • Deep cloud analysis to calculate your effective cloud security posture

  • Focus on toxic combinations to tackle the real risks first

  • Intelligent automated Cyber-attack Remediation

  • Well-adjusted to companies of all sizes

Where Cynarios fits in the Security Stack 

Cynarios is an entirely new approach to cloud security that, for the first time, introduces a way to identify the toxic combinations caused by interrelated cloud risks, that jointly can turn to attack scenarios, and eliminates them by automated fixing.

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Secure Posture Management (CSPM)

Workload Protection

- Secure Cloud Configuration

- Cloud Exposure Management

- Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management  (CIEM)

- Vulnerability and Secure Configuration    Assessment 

- Container and Serverless Security

- Toxic combination detection and       

Automated Cyber Attack Scenarios Elimination


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