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of Cyber Security

Cynarios Simplifies Cyber security,  by putting the spotlight on what really matters, allowing efficient decision making and remediation by non-Cyber-experts too.

"Users will choose weak passwords, system administrators will configure systems to make it easy for them to administer them, developers will miss vital user input checks and designers will create systems that have unforeseen vulnerabilities..." (Huntsman)

Cynarios is an autonomous SAAS platform that enables organizations to make the most of their cyber security resources – both human and cyber security software – in a fast, clear, and methodological way, so that even the less experienced engineers can contribute to securing the corporate’s infrastructure.
Cynarios analyzes the production environment and infrastructure, demonstrates the impact of most probable cyber-attacks, and generates actionable mitigation plan and automated remediation, using innovative machine learning algorithms, which eventually elevates the cyber security teams’ effectiveness.

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Scanning Cloud Infrastructure

Cynarios scans -in seconds- your cloud infrastructure and security tools. The Scanning is done remoetly, 0 deployment time, No installation is required. 

Identifying full attack paths

Cynarios then analyzes the cloud  components and their possible
contribution to Cyber attacks. 

Creating mitigation program

Cynarios  prioritizes its findings based on the attack path. That way, you know that you handle the top priority  issues first.

Providing Remediation 

Provides automated fixing to security issues, that can be controlled even by non security professionals.


Cynarios technology involves Deep Learning algorithms, which predict for each corporate, the most probable cyber-attack, it might be exposed to, based on the computing infrastructure of that corporate. Considering the corporate’s technical assets and business needs, Cynarios provides assessments and a mitigation program that optimizes its resources. Patents were provisioned accordingly.

Why Cynarios ? 

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Increase teams’ effectiveness, allowing both IT and security teams, to handle efficiently Cyber security issues.


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Get an accurate view on your readiness to Cyber attack, and the risks to your assets, by reviewing the potential Attack paths.


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Save teams time and Costs thanks to  an automated remediation, utilizing your exisitng security tools  and reducing TCO.

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Get your team focused on preventing relevant cyber attacks, rather than addressing thousands of alerts.

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Collaborating with Cyber security tools providers, to bridge the observed gaps, so that you have Cyber security, controled from one single platform.

"Any Product that needs a manual to work, is broken" (Elon Musk)

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