About us

The problem we solve

Today more than ever, organizations struggle to find adequate personnel, with the appropriate cyber security skills. At the same time, as Cyber-attacks become more and more sophisticated, the need for expert level engineers increases, and cyber security tools become more complex to handle and manage. This issue affects both SMBs and Enterises, however for SMBs it is much harder to find the resources to maintaine Cyber security routine.

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Our Vision

Cynarios is on a mission to make Cyber security accessible to all teams and easy to manage and operate. We deliver a high end platform for Detection and Response (XDR++) while making it easy to understand the findings and implications. Eventually, Cynarios resoves the issues found, while saving your teams the time of managing cloud security.

Meet The Team


Alon Shiri

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Founder & CEO

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Hezi Marueli

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Chairman of the board

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Ben Sar

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Ron Serber

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Advisory Board

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Jonathan Clayman

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Biz Dev


Oshri Asher

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Advisory Board